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working on the first few frames

about 10000 frames for finished project

Perfect Fucking idea RIGHT???

it was only a matter of time before someone thought of this shit. in case there are a few dumbasses out there, "No Russian" is a modern warfare 2 mission where you play as an undercover CIA agent trying to gain the trust of a massively known terrorist named "makarov", by any means necessary. that means you walk into a Russian airport in Moscow with automatic machine guns and Squad automatic weapons and kill any Russian there is to be standing.

now picture that all in a madness movie on Newgrounds. well right now i'm working on the backrounds. i'll use some of inundations backrounds for this. i'll post a screen shot in a few days


NOT a Collab but simply an awesome solo project

i Just started with the animation and it's coming along smoothly

dont want go give away spoiler's (aka Screenshots) but i'll do that l8r.


base trinity


2009-08-15 21:58:36 by Base-Trinity

why the fuck did they add combat arms as the newgrounds site theme 4 like a month but its changed and that is good i guess.

getting flash srry 4 teh dellay and shit like that

my first awesome video


in making of the characters right now the torso type of all of them wil be a simple equal triange with some accessories on it like grenades
. so saying its going to be the same torso type as snake fro MGA (metal gear awesome 1 and 2)

Expected release date : summer 2010

anything else 2 say here? i think not

Base trinity

god dammit

2009-05-20 20:24:47 by Base-Trinity

pissed because my gaybox 360 froze and got red rings AGAIN. just when i got fallout 3 :(

dont expect me on for a few weeks

Base trinity

just something random i found pic here

god dammit

ok so....

2009-04-18 09:34:31 by Base-Trinity

my account is still producing music which is really good. the nazi zombies thing is out and IT IS NOT THE REPLICA FROM THE GAME. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!. but it does sound like it if you agree posta comment


my new/last song

2009-03-26 09:50:06 by Base-Trinity

its called burning plasma check my account


no longer in the saddle

2009-03-01 23:03:32 by Base-Trinity

as you may as well know i have no longer posted music on newgrounds. i have signed up for a new account called Spentsnazairsoft. i completely disregard all bad comments because i will be making CALL OF MADNESS 4/CREW EXPENDABLE (not is 1st person). and Spentsnazairsoft is about to post a new, well... POST (i dont fucking know)

here is a pic of one of teh guns in call of madness 4 THIS IS NOT IN TEH GAME CALL OF DUTY FOR BUT I STILL DONT CARE >:(

(i'm not copyrighting call of duty 4, infinity ward, or activision all trade mark logos are part of infinity ward, or activision. 2007.)

no longer in the saddle

Left 4 dead: what intended to be the boomer

2009-02-24 17:52:54 by Base-Trinity
Updated 4M-o

New mic 4 360

2009-02-23 17:25:43 by Base-Trinity

ok the reason why my old mic broke was all thanx 2 my house keeper. first she ripped it in half. then she whipped it in a corner. last she took a fucking vacuum, vacuumed it and said "IT NEEDS TO BE MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO CLEAN!!! >:(" after that she shoved it ANOTHER corner and stepped on it.