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ok picture this: my guy has a full desert Camo titan armor with an L85A2 (ACOG Scope included o.o) a raging bull with LAZOR sight. an MP9 with LAZOR sight. and I KICKED SOME SERIOUS ASS NO HAKS OR CODES WITH MY SUPA DUPA PWNAGE SPOT!!! Details shown below

Density: Low/Medium (high is RLY hard)
Preferred Weapons(n00bs only): MP5, M3 shotgun, C4, frag, MK28.
PWNAGE SPOT: ok go up the 1st flight of stairs to ur right. this is the second level. order ur guys to go cover the other set of stairs to ur left then u will see a rappel and just shoot the guy's of the rappel ENJOY
methods: Marksmen: shoot the guys off the rappel or get headshots (HARD WAY) CQB: blind fire kill or when they walk close up shoot them and u will get 3 CQB PTS either way. Assault: easy BLOW THE FUCK OUT OF THEM WITH C4 OR NADES O.o



2009-01-25 21:51:47 by Base-Trinity

Any one have xbox live here? if so contact my account call smokingpeguin5
NOTE: i dont have a mic
NOTEX2:if any of u read this please respond with a gammer tag


see my youtube account!

2009-01-25 19:43:15 by Base-Trinity NC

cut & paste

i all ready posted 2 vids enjoy!!
ps my xbox live gammer tag is Smokingpengiun5 i mostly play rainbow 6 vegas 2

Ima makin my new flash project (OH TEH NOES I DONT HAVE FLASH AND IM TO POOR TO GET!!) but when i do call of madness 4 will be made. other projects listed below

Dead madness 10/5/09
Madness Rising 11/8/09
Call of madness 4 ACT1 6/10/09
Call of madness 4 ACT2 7/25/09
Madness Ghilled up 8/6/09