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no longer in the saddle

2009-03-01 23:03:32 by Base-Trinity

as you may as well know i have no longer posted music on newgrounds. i have signed up for a new account called Spentsnazairsoft. i completely disregard all bad comments because i will be making CALL OF MADNESS 4/CREW EXPENDABLE (not is 1st person). and Spentsnazairsoft is about to post a new, well... POST (i dont fucking know)

here is a pic of one of teh guns in call of madness 4 THIS IS NOT IN TEH GAME CALL OF DUTY FOR BUT I STILL DONT CARE >:(

(i'm not copyrighting call of duty 4, infinity ward, or activision all trade mark logos are part of infinity ward, or activision. 2007.)

no longer in the saddle


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